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Born from losing 2 sisters to cancer we hope to help others share memories & bring comfort to those who have suffered loss

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Saying goodbye

 We believe the hardest part of losing someone, is not having to say goodbye, but rather learning to live without them.

Treasure the memories

The ability to treasure the memory of a loved one is one of our noblest human traits. When we lose someone close to us, we rely on our memories with that person to reminisce about our times with them. 

Emotions attached to personal stories and memories can be captured and preserved through a physical object. 

Gifts that last long after the flowers fade


Physical objects play an important role in preserving the memories of a loved one. Memories, as delicate and fragile as they are, tend to fade with time. 

These objects don’t have to have a functional or aesthetic value rather they can trigger a sentimental one.  Souvenirs, and keepsakes do not necessarily contain the information they represent, they embody the memories and history.  

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